One of the best selling sex oils that aids in keeping your yoni at its best. Freshly scented, moisturized and deliciously fresh. This oil will aide in eliminating unwanted odors. And no, there are no artificial frangances or dyes. Smell comes from dried infused rose petals. 


**This oil can be used as a Sex lubricant during intercourse to increase sexual pleasure along with other listed features;

Yoni Oil

  • Apply directly to entrance of vagina for lubricant during intercourse. Use One-Two pumps and rub throughout vulva, clitoris and labia for daily self care or refresher.

  • Great for Vaginal tightening and soothing vaginal tendernes.
    - Helps with Yoni detox and regular menstrual cycle
    - Strengthen vaginal tissues and Moisturise
    - Soothe irritation and Rejuvenation
    - Anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory
    - Cure infections and remove odor