A comfy, secure and (most importantly!) super functional harness system from Evolved Novelties, the fully loaded Ultimate Adjustable Harness offers play partners a soft, padded fit, a great-looking lace-up back band, easily adjustable straps and a totally unique, fully adjustable lasso style O-ring. 

Fully assembled right out of the box, the Ultimate slips quickly over the hips, sitting securely over the pelvis - just tug the straps to the desired snugness. Those strategically long straps, by the way, glide easily through sturdy plastic sliders, and can be trimmed to a custom fit.

Compatible with most flange or suction based dildos, vibes and otherwise, the included lasso O-ring snaps sturdily into place once tightened around your chosen toy. The fully adjustable design really does fit almost any penetrator, but if you'd like to use another O-ring, feel free! 

In vegan (faux) leather plus ABS plastic, the Evolved Ultimate Adjustable Harness should be spot-cleaned as needed. 

Ultimate Adjustable Harness



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