In clean, natural scents, the Secrets first offering is an Organic Kissable Massage Oil for slick and always-sensual massage. An exclusive blend of lick-able oils eliminates friction while moisturizing and nourishing skin. For another hands-on massage option, light the Zenitude Romance Massage Candle to add flickering firelight to a play area of choice. Once lit, the wax melts into a warm puddle of scented oil to be spread and smoothed over skin.

An Aphrodisiac Warming Oil can be enjoyed next, the silky oil heats gently upon contact with touch or breath- apply in small quantities to most sensitive areas. Complement the heat with Lotus Noir Sensitizing Gel, a unisex formula packed with natural herbs and extracts that increase sensitivity.

Toko Aqua Personal Lubricant finishes off the Secrets Kit as the  incredibly smooth and ultra versatile formula adds lots of extra moisture and slippery glide to sex, foreplay and toys.

  • Kissable Massage Oil- .33oz (9.8ml)
  • Aphrodisiac Warming Oil- .33oz (9.8ml)
  • Romance Massage Candle- 1oz (30ml)
  • Toko Aqua Personal Lubricant- .33oz (9.8ml)
  • Lotus Noir Sensitizing Gel- .23oz (6.8oz)

Secret Organic Pleasure Kit