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WHAT IS THE YONI? Yoni is the Sanskrit name meaning ‘Sacred Place’. In Eastern cultures and Taoist tradition it’s used often when referring to the vagina or womb.It’s the seat of generative power and considered as the Source of All.

*GTC certificated 100% Natural Amethyst. Origin from Uruguay.


*BENEFITS: The uro-genital and pelvic muscles help support our sexual organs. Working with the egg inside your yoni helps you strengthen the same. Higher sensitivity allows you more control over this part of the body. Knowing about the G-Spot, we often forget that there are more than just one. There are plenty of sensitive spots in our vaginal canal and the egg wakes them gently up.


*HOW TO ENJOY THE YONI EGG: Lay down comfortably, open the legs and insert the egg with the bigger part first. Use only the tip of your finger to ease it in. Once it has passed the opening of the vagina, the yoni walls will pull the egg in. WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME?Yoni eggs can be used during meditation, while sitting down watching television or doing work, or while walking around doing every day activities.


*How to Care For Yoni Eggs:Once you receive it and between every use sterilize your egg. Most convenient is using hot water.Please, do not use any soap, brushes, and detergents.

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