A total classic that'll be right at home in any fun loving kinksters collection, Rouge's Lockable Corset Laced Play Mask with D-Ring may look (sexily!) intimating, but it's actually extremely user friendly! If you're looking for a starter hood, and even if you've got some dress-up/role-play experience, this one's for you.

Obscuring most of the face for that erotic anonymity you're after, the extra soft Mask features cutouts for eyes and mouth, plus, there are 2 riveted air holes at the nose. Slip it over your/their head, customizing the fit using great looking corset style laces around back. 

If you're in the mood, the Mask includes an attached collar with a big D-ring for connection to a leash, tether or otherwise. The collar can be locked into place with a simple padlock (not included). 

Fits most.

Lockable Hood with D-Ring in Black/Red