Perfect for dungeons, bedrooms, basements etc., this full sized cage is easy to assemble and adjust. The coated metal bars are ultra sturdy and offer up tons of connection points for cuffs, leashes and more, and there's a soft padded base that's easy on knees, elbows and more. There are positioning bars a-plenty to prop up various body parts, plus silicone-lined entry bars that comfortably (sort of) hold their head outside the kennel.

In steel, wood, foam, PU vinyl and silicone, the Kennel should cleaned as often as necessary using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Detailed assembly instructions are included.

The Kennel measures approximately 44.25"/1.12m in length, 22.5"/.6m wide and 28.5"/.7m high.

Adjustable Kennel with Padded Board

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